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Everything we do is for the purpose of altering consciousness.

Inspired by mood, atmosphere, and cinematography from the likes of David Lynch’s, Twin Peaks , Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain and Nicolas Winding’s, Drive and Only God Forgives, Composer Nathan Felix set out to capture a hypnotic melding of colors and music for his choral symphony, Neon Heaven. Felix trekked through Mount Qingcheng in Chengdu, China for 8-months, writing daily as the mountains revealed echoes of monastic liturgy that provided his soundscape.

Sung in Latin, the recording then took place over a 5-day period in an abandoned warehouse in East Austin in the hot summer of Texas. Without air-condition and little light, the performers ascended to hallucinogenic levels of expression. Sounds on the record evoke a wide range of feelings, at times hinting of a dark Mendelssohn with other moments sitting in pockets with pop sensibilities.

Neon Heaven premiered live at SPOT Festival in Denmark in May of 2015. The album was released world wide in May of 2016.   

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Neon Heaven

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