FTWFTE – Choir

From Those Who Follow the Echoes is an award winning choir led by music director and composer, Nathan Felix, and conductor, Luis Corpus, with a two-fold mission of bringing contemporary choral/classical music to San Antonio establishments such as museums, art exhibitions, gallery spaces and festivals as well as to serve new and underserved listeners through “pop up” performances in random spaces such as retirement homes, hotels, bridges, cemeteries and on the river to name a few. Most recently, FTWFTE, won a Cammie for “Most Transcendent, Aurally Stimulating Award” for their performance at Blue Star Contemporary during CAM Kickoff. 

FTWFTE made it’s debut performances at Hotel Emma in November 2016 with a unique surprise “pop-up” concert in which the singers entered the Sternewirth room and dispersed throughout the mezzanine, the stairs and amongst the audience and sang new original works in Latin. Inspired by Andy Kaufman, after their 20 minute performance at Hotel Emma they jumped in a bus and did a repeat performance on the Hay Street Bridge at Luminaria. For upcoming shows please click HERE 























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FTWFTE McNay Interview

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Nathan Felix

Luis Corpus

Kelly Merka Nelson
Brooke Holyoak
Leigh Williams
Nyssa Arcos
Jamie Ramirez
Lexi Read
Jeremiah Teutsch
Violeta Suryasta
Mary Mosley-Jensen
Veronica Ramirez
Gabriel Santiago
Emily Elizabeth Perkins
Michael Horoda
Michelle Roberts
Lauren Aubrey
Libby Maddin
Christine Aguilera
Laura Cruz
Natalie Curran
Jefferson Lam
Ryun Howe
Andrew Fitch
Tim Hayes
Monie Perez
Stephanie Lynn
Phil Westhart
Kristina Yoder
Erin Bobruk
Steph Huskin
Michelle Verna
Agnes Savich
Dallas Shreve
Aimee Bobruk