Nathan Felix (born 1981) is a Mexican-American music composer known for his immersive and audience interactive works.  His music has been premiered in Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Mongolia and the United States and his music has been featured on the BBC, MTV, NPR & PBS.

In 2013, Felix looked to establish himself as a composer by releasing his 1st symphony, The Curse the Cross & the Lion, to critical acclaim including being featured by the BBC and NPR. A subsequent documentary by director David Schulte titled, The Curse & The Symphony, “captured a contradictorial story of a young, ambitious, and perhaps rebellious musician searching for identity and truth within classical structures of culture and society.” The documentary screened at over 40 film festivals, received numerous accolades including Best Documentary Short and is now licensed by Gaiam TV.

In 2015, Felix recorded and released his 2nd symphony, Neon Heaven, a choral symphony sung in Classical Latin titled.  Neon Heaven premiered in Denmark at SPOT Festival with additional performances in Portugal, Mongolia and the US.

In 2016, Felix was featured on PBS and nominated for a Lonestar Emmy for work on his 6-Piano project in which he restored six pianos for a concert featuring two new pieces. After the concert, Felix donated the pianos to schools in lower income neighborhoods in Austin.  The 6 Piano Project has since been commissioned in San Antonio (2016), Barcelona (2017), Melbourne (2017) and Houston (2019).

In 2018, Felix won awards for his Opera on a Bus” and the 2018 Tobin Prize for Artistic Excellence” for which he premiered is “Headphone Opera” titled, THE WAR BRIDE at Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival. 

In addition, Felix served as an official music ambassador for the US in China and composed music for a series of PSA’s for an international campaign by LIVESTRONG to raise cancer awareness in China and Mexico. In late in 2014, Felix reformed his band, The Noise Revival Orchestra, for a tour in Asia highlighted by festival dates in Japan and Taiwan where TNRO performed for crowds of 35,000 and 50,000!